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    1. Always show respect towards each other. Flames and personal attacks are not Welcome at Konoha Ran Online Server.
    2. Do not post UPPERCASE or large fonts. It seems offensive and informal type of posting.
    3. Do not create posts with just smileys.
    4. Do not post two or more times in a row. If you have something to add to your last post then simply edit it.
    This may be waived if the contents of your post are too much to be allowed in a single post.
    5. Do not recreate the same thread, once is enough, if so use the report post button.
    6. Do not spam. Excessive spamming will be punished.
    7. Do not use tags improperly.
    8. Do not use excessive foul language.
    9. Do not use [Pres.] [GM], [Admin] or [Mod] tags. These are reserved for Moderators, Game Moderators, and Administrator.
    10. Do not continue a locked thread.
    11. Advertising outside sources is not permitted. If you wish to advertise your site, post in the correct section.
    If you wish to talk about a site, speak to a moderator first.
    12. Do not ask questions which are already answered in other threads. Use the search function as much as possible.
    13. Do not beg. If you are too lazy to help yourself then others will be too lazy to help you.
    14. This forum is English; you must either post in English or create an accurate translation. If a staff member suspects the translation is inaccurate your entire post may be deleted.
    15. Do not post programs or materials that give unfair advantages. These include bots, trainers, and hacks.
    16. Do not bring grudges with people you know elsewhere onto LoadRan Online Server.
    17. Do not try to irritate people.
    18. Do not make personal attacks against staff members, they are here to help.
    19. Do not create a new account if your current account is banned.
    If you do, your new account is likely to be instantly banned with no warning.
    20. Most importantly, use common sense! If you think something may not be allowed, it probably is not.
    As such you may be punished for something that is not specifically mentioned in these rules.

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