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    [Guide] How to prevent/avoid your account from hack


    [Guide] How to prevent/avoid your account from hack

    Post by Guest on Mon Oct 31, 2011 12:28 pm

    How people can get your password or security code if you used only your computer?

    What this mean?

    Some of us got Google Chrome or any browser there's a way that you could save your password, and find it also!

    How this work?

    Some people got the same password in game and in forums, which means if you logged in forums and you saved your password, it's very possible to let others know your password and getting hacked.

    Keyloggers that can be set your computer without your know!

    What does this mean?

    This mean, that thier some people could download for ya a keylogger, that will record your keyboard without your know!

    How this work?

    You just let them playing at you computer, and you left for a while, so none can keep an eye on them.
    How they could find out your password?
    They need other chance to be alone on your computer, and get your password from keyboard recoreder.

    I've known those ways from my community IRL, so hope it won't happed to you.

    After I've explained 2 things, I wanna now give you some tips to prevent your account from hacking.

    Tips you should know :

    1. Make your password hard, which almost impossible someone could know it by random.

    2. Never give your password out, to anybody.

    3. Set your security code and fade out in place none could find.

    4. If you haven't been changed your password for over months, I recommend you to change it.

    5. Make sure to be avoid from keyloggers

    6. Don't acces in your account, on compture for someone else.

    7. If you using a any browser, don't save your account in game/forums password because there a way to find it.

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