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    [Guide] How to make Guild Badge


    [Guide] How to make Guild Badge

    Post by Guest on Mon Oct 31, 2011 12:16 pm

    Step on how to make Gang Badge

    1st Step:
    Click Start Menu>Program>Accessories>Paint
    Click Image>Attributes

    Set the Width and Height 16x11
    Set the Units into Pixels
    Set the Colors into Colors

    Make Your Badge Image

    After you're done with the image Click File>Save As...

    The Destination must be in My Documents

    Put the file name, I used example
    And change the file type into 24-bit Bitmap (*bmp;*,bip)
    Then Click Save

    Now You all need to do is log-in In game and Press "G"
    Click Modific
    put the file name you used the one we used is example so we need to put the word example.bmp
    You Can Only Modify The Badge if you have the authority to Change it ( the One can change the authorization is the Gang Leader)

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